Liccar combines a unique blend of experienced professionals with significant public accounting backgrounds as well as actual operational experience as former Chief Financial Officers or Controllers, regulatory auditors or senior accounting staff for futures, securities, and asset management firms.

Our depth of experience allows us to provide a broad array of services from monthly net asset value accounting for Hedge Funds, financial statement compilations and performance records to tax return preparation, due diligence procedures and certified audits.

Hedge Fund Services

Financial & Regulatory Reporting

  • Net Asset Value computation including:
    • Compile daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or ad-hoc unaudited financial statements.
    • Calculate management fees and performance allocation based on Fund’s offering documents.
    • Customizable investor statements with choice of benchmark return comparisons.
  • Tri-Party portfolio reconciliation and independent portfolio pricing.
  • Tear/fact sheet reporting based on actual performance with various benchmark comparison to aide in manager’s marketing effort.

Investor Services

  • Review incoming subscription and redemption documentation to comply with anti-money laundering and due diligence procedures set forth within the Firm’s and Fund’s guidelines across various jurisdictions.
  • Conduct AML, KYC, OFAC procedures.
  • Secure web portal reporting is available for Funds and Investors to view their investment documents via LICCAR’s website.

Bank Services

  • Assist fund managers with new bank account set up.
  • Dual control check and wire processing on any disbursements.
  • Deposit investor subscription funds.

Tax and Year-End Financial Statement Preparation

  • Prepare federal and state corporate, partnership, limited liability company, trust, non-profit and individual tax returns.
  • Assist in year-end audit process including financial statement preparation.
  • Conduct certified audits for hedge funds.

Regulatory Consulting and Special Services

  • Review of offering documents for Hedge Fund.
  • Provide Independent Representative services.
  • Provide customized due diligence services including “comfort letters”, litigation support and specialized financial and regulatory compliance audits.

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